We have updated the site to Version 2. You may need to reset your password using the forgot password link on the login page. We are actively moving over all vendor data It is possible some vendor information will not yet be in Version 2 if you have a vendor who is not yet updated please click here to view all Version 1 information. If you have any questions please contact us at info@sharediligence.com
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What makes ShareDiligence different from other systems?
Do you provide a rating system for lenders to evaluate vendors?
How difficult is it to use ShareDiligence?
How long does it take to perform due diligence on vendors?
What if the vendor is not currently on the system — how long does it take to perform due diligence?
Who do you consider a “vendor”?
Do you perform Due Diligence on Servicing Companies?
How do you offer this product at the price point it is available?
How reliable is ShareDiligence in terms of protecting lenders from vendor risk?
What do I do about vetting vendors that are selected by other parties to the transaction?
How are Vendor contact information entered into the platform? Is it manual, one vendor at a time?
Are there any additional costs to the $7500 annual fee? Is there a limit to the number of vendors for the $7500 annual fee?
Do Lenders have access to Strategic Compliance Partners’ due diligence checklists and required information?
What type of reporting capabilities are within the ShareDiligence system? Do we have access to pull reports at any time?
Can Lenders customize any of the questions for the reviews, for example a history of orders from an AMC?
What outside sources are used to find complaints on vendors?
Do Lenders have access to contact information for the Vendor e.g. contact person, address, etc.?